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fine art from wood, glass, and metal

 Ed Karch artist


My training is in forestry and economics.  My career was mostly spent in 23 African countries promoting sustainable development, but I have always looked for a medium of expression for artistic impulses. Sculpting, carving, tool making, flint knapping, blacksmithing, stained glass, bookbinding, and woodworking have all been satisfying but when I tried a lathe I found my medium of expression. I spent the early part of my career planting hundreds of thousands of trees. I now salvage wood from Virginia’s multitude of hardwood species to expose the beauty of these woods through turning of various objects of both practical and artistic value.

The wood supply comes mainly from raids on the local recycling facility. All local and landscaping species eventually end up there waiting to be ground into mulch. These treasures are either worked green or trimmed, sealed and stored in the wood shed for later use by me or shared with fellow artists. 

There are so many trees removed daily in Northern Virginia that an army of turners couldn't begin to make a dent in the local wood supply. If you would like to help ensure a future supply please check out Fairfax ReLeaf They can always use help in tree planting or a nice big check.


Wood is an organic material which changes shape with the change of seasons.

It has cracks, bark intrusions, wood borer holes, wild grain and other defects. This is what makes it so interesting and beautiful.

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